DHR Partners

Partnering is fundamental to our DNA. Hence, mentioning Partners in the company name is sheer logic. Partners, as a noun, does target the nature of the relationship with customers, illustrating the importance of customer centricity. Furhetrmore, it also envisages the way of collaborating with other third parties, making sure we partner to get to the best possible solution for our clients.

But Partners is also a verb: we are actively partnering with you to come to the solutions your organization needs. The ‘DHR’ abbreviation can have different meanings when spelled out. As always, the choice is yours to make.

We offer different options:

Dirk Heirman Reward Partners

Dirk Heirman is the founder and Managing Partner of the company. Reward Partnering is our core business, albeit Reward in a broad sense: we are targeting an increased financial, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of your workforce and as a consequence of your company.

Director Human Resources Partners

DHR Partners aims to be the preferred partner of Heads of HR, to help shape and challenge the HR Strategy of your organization, to implement initiatives or to operationally manage a department ad interim.

‘The’ HR Partners

If you are looking to partner in de Reward field with an HR service provider: look no further. The HR Partner out there is DHR Partners.
The latter meaning also indicates one of our values: Humor. We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. Humor makes us take the most difficult hurdles as it helps to put things in perspective.