Our offer

You probably are familiar with this model to depict the HR function. It is DHR Partners’ ambition to position us as a Center of Expertise for different subfunctions of HR: HR Strategy, Compensation & Benefits, Health Management and Corporate Culture.

These are the four areas we think we can provide you with the most added value.

We systematically present an implementation plan as we want ideas to work and make a difference to your associates.

Administration and communication are an integrated part of this implementation plan.

As we recognize there are other parties that specialize in those fields, DHR Partners prefers to team up with third parties, hence ensuring you get offered the best possible solution for your company.

HR Strategy Assignments

DHR Partners can help you create your HR Strategy, make adjustments to it, or challenge it. Always in light of your overall business strategy. We can also partner with you to assess which opportunities should be considered to be updated or introduced, in light of feasibility (cultural and financial) but also organizational readiness.

Reward assignments

Once a choice is made on what opportunities you want to implement (with or without the support of DHR Partners), we can drive the implementation of those initiatives, create a realistic project plan, create a business case if needed, or we can support the project teams that are already working on a given initiative.

We can not but underline the importance of correct communication and a flawless execution, through systems and parties administering these systems. DHR Partners can also assist you to shape the project team, and/or assist with a Request For Proposal to select a third party that suits the requirements of your company.

Operational Management

Ideally, when a project is launched, you work with your own associates to manage that project. DHR Partners is also suited to take on the operational management of certain HR functions ad interim, while coaching your team to grow, sharpen their project management skills and even broaden their knowledge of the Rewards world.

DHR Partners can also provide ad interim management in case of an unexpected departure, maternity leave or any other event that might occur.

Product development

DHR Partners wants to distinguish itself by it’s customer focus, by the partnering.

Sometimes, we will find it difficult to find a partner that offers exactly what you require.

If that was to happen, we are willing to develop this new idea and implement it, if compliant and feasible.

20% of our revenue is invested in continued research, also to ensure we keep abreast of the latest evolution in our area of expertise in the markets we operate in.