Our values

As a potential partner, it is important for you to understand what we bring to the table. Not only with regards to the content we offer, but even more how we will partner with you.

Therefore, it is important for you to understand our drivers, our values if you will.


The most common value for all service providers, certainly in the HR arena. Integrity being commonplace, however, does not make it less important: DHR Partners will partner with you adequately and meticulously, taking into account and assuming all responsibilities with regard to the applicable legislation and other regulations at hand.


DHR Partners –what’s in a name?- strives for genuine partnerships with both clients as well as other (HR) service providers, to achieve one common goal: increase the engagement and wellbeing of your associates. Partnering envisages not only teamwork, truly working together to achieve that common goal. DHR Partners also has the ambition to care, characteristic of a partnership.
We strive for longer term relationships, as increasing your associates’ wellbeing is a longer term goal per definition.


For DHR Partners, creativity is a mixture of innovation and realism. It is not that difficult to come up with new ideas, but how do we implement them, so that they work for your associates and you? Is it right for you given timing, your culture, your resources? What is realistic?

If you only have the resources to buy a bike to go from A to B, DHR partners will not recommend a car as a solution to get there quicker, but may suggest a race bike or help you build a business case to get resources for that car if you need it.

DHR Partners will also team up with other (HR) service providers. If the best solution for you is to team up with another third party, we will recommend so.

On the other hand – as we offer tailored solutions- we may land on a solution that DHR Partners will need to develop for you. This is where creativity leans towards innovation.


At DHR Partners we are convinced that humor is a critical key to success.

Humor is humanizing, it puts others at ease. It is a way to break through tension barriers, as it often makes us realize we seek common ground, even in difficult situations.

Humor also enables creative thinking: it helps people to play with ideas, lower their internal critic, and see things in new ways. It establishes a fertile environment for innovation because people are more inspired when they are relaxed. Furthermore, humor helps to build trust: humor often reveals the authentic person lurking under the professional mask, which in itself will support true partnering…

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower