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What we aim for


DHR Partners wants to increase the commitment of our partners' employees by using Reward instruments. DHR Partners does not define Reward merely as financial aspects (Compensation & Benefits). For us, it can also be initiatives that stimulate feelings of physical, emotional or social well-being.


Since every organisation is unique, it is crucial to use the right tools. It is only in this way that we can be sure that the initiatives we launch are in line with your business strategy, and thus, aligned with what your company wants to achieve.

Tailor-made solutions, which are achieved through true partnership and have a measurable effect, are guaranteed when you take your chance with DHR Partners. To ensure this effect, DHR Partners not only supports you with identifying the right opportunities, but we also support their implementations: how can we best administer and communicate a new or adjusted tool in the most efficient way?

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DHR partners

Where we stand for

It is important for you, as a potential partner, to understand what we can offer. Not only regarding the contents of our offer but more importantly: how we want to work with you.
It is, therefore, important for you to understand what drives us and what our values are.


This aspect is the most common value among all service providers, especially in the HR playing field.
However, it is not because integrity is often incited that it becomes less important: DHR Partners will deal with your partnering in a detailed and adequate manner, taking into account all responsibilities regarding the applicable laws and regulations.


DHR Partners – what's in a name? – strives for true partnerships with both clients and other (HR) service providers, all to achieve a common goal: increasing the commitment and well-being of your employees. Partnering is not only about teamwork, but also sincere co-operation to achieve the common goal. DHR Partners also has an intention to 'tak care of', which is inherent for a true partnership. By definition, we strive for long-term relationships because increasing the well-being of your employees is also a long-term goal.


For DHR Partners, creativity lies at the crossroads of innovation and realism. It is not so difficult to develop new ideas, but how do we implement them to ensure they work for you and your employees? Is the timing right? Is there (enough) budget? Does it fit into the culture? In short: is it realistic?

If you only have the means to get from A to B by bike, DHR Partners will not recommend you go by car to get there faster. We might suggest a racing bike, or maybe we will help you make a business case for buying a car if that would make sense.

DHR Partners will also partner with other (HR) service providers. If coordinating with a third-party provider is the best solution for you, we will recommend this.

However, it is also possible – since we want to offer tailor-made solutions – we will develop a solution that has not yet been rolled out in the market. If this is the case, DHR Partners will be happy to develop this for you if it’s within the legally permissible framework.

This method is where creativity leans towards innovation.

art of leadership


We at DHR Partners are convinced that humour is a critical factor for success. Humour has a humanising effect, as it puts people at ease. It is a way to break through the tension because it often makes us realise that we are actually striving for the same thing, even in difficult situations.

Humour also facilitates creative thinking: it helps people play with ideas, be less critical, and see things differently. It creates a fertile environment for innovation because people are more inspirational when they are relaxed.

Furthermore, humour helps us be confident: humour often reveals the real person underneath our professional mask. People are more sincere, and this helps foster a true partnership in return.

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower


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